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Poor President

November 19, 2012


The first time I saw the video below the speakers on my computer weren’t working, which was quite fortuitous really ‘cos it gave me an idea! The following is not really a full lesson (it should stretch to about an hour), but it should fit in nicely if you’re doing something related to money, wealth, […]

Sounds Awful

November 5, 2012


Here’s a few activities which might fit in with lessons on sounds, noise pollution, the senses or mobile phone etiquette. It includes conversation practice and an out-of-class activity which involves students making recordings with their mobile phones. Idea One : Video a) Show your students the still image from the beginning of the video below […]


October 23, 2012


I was just going to tweet the video below and leave it at that, but I had a few ideas while on the train to work so have decided to turn it into a post. The lesson deals with the topics of gadgets, advertising and sales, and provides opportunities to present and practice a variety […]

Being Watched

September 27, 2012


Your students are being watched! You know it, they know it, but for some reason coursebook writers don’t seem to know it! Here’s a lesson to redress the balance. Topic : CCTV cameras, surveillance society and the right to privacy. Level : Upper intermediate to Advanced | B2 to C2 Activities : Video, roleplay, discussion, […]

F*ck! The f*cking f*cker’s f*ucked!

June 6, 2012


Well, I finally kept my promise! After years and years of putting off students’ requests to know more about “bad” language, a few weeks ago I decided to give a B2.2 group the low-down on the wonderful world of English profanity. Of course, my intention was not to encourage students to use English swear words […]

Teaching Unleashed : Don’t Dog Me!

May 16, 2012


In this lesson students deal with the issue of dangerous dogs, then go on to discuss the broader relationships that humans have with their canine chums. It is based around a BBC video in which a local MP confronts the owner of a Staffordshire pitbull terrier in a public park. The lesson also includes conversation, […]

Do You Tattoo?

March 29, 2012


You’ve probably heard of Luke Meddings and Lindsay Clandfield‘s valiant attempt (“52”) to embrace PARSNIP subjects (politics, alcohol, religion, sex, narcotics, isms and pork) and offer an alternative to the anodyne homogeneity that often envelops ELT. Well, I reckon they’ve missed one out: Tattoos! The taboo on the tattoo is, in my opinion, ridiculous. I’m sure […]

Tefltecher’s Yuletide (B)Log

December 20, 2011


Here are five Christmas activities I’ve used over the last few years! Nothing very original I’m afraid, but then again Christmas isn’t, is it? Feel free to take your pick! 1. Christmas greetings from Santa Get your students to send each other personalised Christmas greetings direct from Santa. Here’s an example message. You’ll find the […]

Think, Thank, Thunk!

December 7, 2011


Thanks for the votes and nominations! Hurrah! It’s Edubling season again! Medals are pinned to chests, backs are slapped and awesomeness abounds. As always, the key to maintaining a sense of proportion at this time is to avoid getting carried away. While I wince at the sometimes desperate-sounding pleas of vote-for-me, vote-for-me, vote-for-me, I also […]

Set Up a Video Blog

December 4, 2011


How to set up a video resource blog In most staff rooms when a teacher comes across a video with teaching potential news gets around by word of mouth. This sort of sharing is of course jolly helpful, and benefits everyone … that is, everyone who happens to be in the right staff room at […]

Dear Victim | Dear Burglar

November 28, 2011


Dear Mr Burglar, I am writing to … This lesson is a fleshed out version of an idea I tweeted last week. The video in question is the true story of a 16-year-old burglar who, as part of an Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme for young offenders, is made to write a letter of apology […]

WWYD videos

November 18, 2011


WWY if you came across these videos? If, like me, you have a soft spot for the old Second Conditional and its Presentation, Practice and Production (at this point unplugged teachers may like to desist from reading further), but are fed up of asking … “What would you do if you found a big hairy […]

The 5 Ws of Photos

November 4, 2011


Describing + Interpreting Photos In this lesson students watch a video on how to interpret photographs, then go on to describe and identify a series of famous photos using the 5 Ws strategy outlined by the presenter. There is an optional conversation activity at the end. The lesson is best suited to upper-intermediate and advanced […]

Critical Marshmallow

September 26, 2011


Critical Marshmallow The Marshmallow Test is an experiment into self-control and deferred gratification. It involves leaving a young child alone in an empty room for 15 minutes with no other distraction than a solitary marshmallow. The child is promised that if they resist the temptation to eat the marshmallow, they will receive a second marshmallow, […]

I Can’t Take It Any More!

September 18, 2011


I can’t take it any more! This video lesson is based around a clip from a 1993 film called Falling Down. The movie stars Michael Douglas in the role of a stressed-out unemployed engineer who embarks on a violent Odyssey across Los Angeles after finally cracking when stuck in rush hour traffic. The film begins […]

Very Funny Ads

July 8, 2011


Retelling Very Funny Ads I love using adverts in my teaching. If you ignore the fact that they’re trying to flog you something and focus on their narrative structure, they can provide you with an endless supply of mini-stories for “retelling” activities. The best ads are those with unexpected or amusing twists at the end. […]

The Balance of PowerPoint

May 31, 2011


The Balance of PowerPoint This post suggests using an application called to make video recordings of students giving PowerPoint presentations (Step Three), see an example here. The lead-in conversation activity in Step One and the video in Step Two are designed to get students in the mood and encourage discussion as to what makes […]

Kids and Bin Laden

May 11, 2011


American kids reacting to Bin Laden’s death This activity features a Fine Brothers Kids React video of American children answering questions on the death of Osama Bin Laden. The idea is simple: get your students to ask each other the same questions before watching and taking notes on the video. Suitable for upper-intermediate and advanced […]

Pet Hates

March 15, 2011


Pet hates and grumpy old Vokis This lesson contains a roleplay, a short video and a conversation activity on things which tend to get on our nerves / drive us up the wall. As a follow-up homework activity, it suggests using Voki (see example below) to create an on-line speaking avatar of someone moaning about […]


February 22, 2011


Edudebates This lesson revolves around a BBC video made by British school pupils. It also contains a conversation activity on issues in education and a voice recording task using an application called Voxopop. It is best-suited to upper-intermediate students. Step One (optional) : Lead-in and vocabulary Give a brief description of your secondary education. Slip […]