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Teaching Unleashed : Don’t Dog Me!

May 16, 2012


In this lesson students deal with the issue of dangerous dogs, then go on to discuss the broader relationships that humans have with their canine chums. It is based around a BBC video in which a local MP confronts the owner of a Staffordshire pitbull terrier in a public park. The lesson also includes conversation, […]

Life is a Beach

March 31, 2011


Life is a beach Well, looks like the sun has got its hat on at last! Why not get your students in a summer mood with this beach lesson (includes compound nouns and vocabulary related to the seaside, conversation questions + writing a review of a beach)? Step One : Seaside compound nouns Go through […]

Gadget Glogs

February 28, 2011


Gadget Glog Projects In this activity your students will use an application called Glogster to design an informative digital poster on an everyday object of their choice. The posters, called Glogs, are created by adding text, photos and video to a background canvas. Here is an quick example of what a finished poster might look […]

Animating Trips

January 21, 2011


Animate your trips with Tripline Why not get your students to create Indiana-Jones-style animated maps with Tripline. Click here to see an example, then have a look at the tutorial below which will take you through the main features of the application. Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo), on whose blog I first came across this […]

Quick Tip : Messagehop

December 19, 2010


What is a Quick Tip? : Basically, these are short blog posts on videos and web apps which I haven’t got enough time or creativity to fully exploit in a Tefltecher lesson. Quick Tip : Messagehop (trivet photo + text) There are lots of apps for adding text to photos, but this one stands out […]

Daily Diary

September 21, 2010


Daily Diary This activity is aimed at motivated students who understand the importance of learner autonomy. They may be few and far between (not sure if I’m being pessimistic or realistic here), but I think we should try and do what we can to feed their enthusiasm and reward their effort. The challenge is simple: […]

Listening from writing

May 24, 2010


Creating listening tasks from writing tasks I got this idea after showing my students Sean Banville‘s (@SeanBanville) fantastic Breaking News English site, which contains a variety of language exercises based around short podcast listenings . Basically, I started thinking wouldn’t it be a good idea if students could turn their own written work into podcasts, […]

Don’t ask me! Ask the world!

January 28, 2010


Task 01 : Don’t ask me! Ask the world! In this task the student uses an on-line polling service called Ask500people to gather information on a question of their choice. They then use the data collected to write a report on their findings. Questions have a multiple choice format and people who vote are also […]