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Tefltecher Interlude

January 12, 2012


As I seem to be looking at a rather grueling next couple of months, I have decided to take a brief interlude from blogging. In the timeless tradition of Fred(a) (Blue Peter’s trans-gender tortoise) and providing there are sufficient air-holes in my cardboard box, I should be coming out of hibernation sometime in the spring. […]

Think, Thank, Thunk!

December 7, 2011


Thanks for the votes and nominations! Hurrah! It’s Edubling season again! Medals are pinned to chests, backs are slapped and awesomeness abounds. As always, the key to maintaining a sense of proportion at this time is to avoid getting carried away. While I wince at the sometimes desperate-sounding pleas of vote-for-me, vote-for-me, vote-for-me, I also […]

Gone Fishing

July 13, 2011


Gone fishing for the summer! Well, I think that’ll be quite enough for this year! August is just around the corner and I’m blogging off till September. See you all after the summer, rested and raring to go … because as Ovid once said … “What is without periods of rest will not endure!” … […]

Two edtech projects that I like

June 22, 2011


Two edtech projects that I like Two of the uses of technology that have impressed me most over the last academic year have come from colleagues in the Spanish Department of my own institution: UAB Idiomes (the language service of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). UAB Idiomes provides language services on the main university campus […]

It’s worth taking a look at this blog!

May 15, 2010


It’s worth taking a look at this blog! My thanks to the following people 4 tagging me Shelly Terrell (Teacher Reboot Camp | @shellterrell) : Shelly is the antidote to my ingrained cynicism and tendency to look on the dark side of things. Her positivity, optimism and sheer energy cheer me up when I’m grumping […]

You can’t be my teacher!

February 28, 2010


You can’t be my teacher! After watching this video … … these were my reactions. My first reaction What a cheeky little boy! I’m not sure I would want this child in my class. I’m 45 years of age. Why am I being shouted at by a nine-year old? My second reaction “That’s your job! […]

Don’t Fear the Reaper!

February 15, 2010


Edtech Death : Don’t Fear the Reaper! I was a 14 year-old skateboarding punk when I saw one for the first time. I think it was a Thursday morning in the late 70’s and my monthly copy of Skateboard magazine had just dropped onto the doormat. On the front cover was written the grim slogan […]

Tefltecher launched 02/02/2010)

February 1, 2010


Thanks for dropping by! Blog launched 02/02/2010 The basic idea of this blog is to provide teachers and students with practical ideas for web-based language activities. These will be based either around a web application or a video, and will generally be aimed at intermediate to advanced levels of English. There are three categories; App […]