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Being Watched

September 27, 2012


Your students are being watched! You know it, they know it, but for some reason coursebook writers don’t seem to know it! Here’s a lesson to redress the balance. Topic : CCTV cameras, surveillance society and the right to privacy. Level : Upper intermediate to Advanced | B2 to C2 Activities : Video, roleplay, discussion, […]

Teaching Unleashed : Don’t Dog Me!

May 16, 2012


In this lesson students deal with the issue of dangerous dogs, then go on to discuss the broader relationships that humans have with their canine chums. It is based around a BBC video in which a local MP confronts the owner of a Staffordshire pitbull terrier in a public park. The lesson also includes conversation, […]

Do You Tattoo?

March 29, 2012


You’ve probably heard of Luke Meddings and Lindsay Clandfield‘s valiant attempt (“52”) to embrace PARSNIP subjects (politics, alcohol, religion, sex, narcotics, isms and pork) and offer an alternative to the anodyne homogeneity that often envelops ELT. Well, I reckon they’ve missed one out: Tattoos! The taboo on the tattoo is, in my opinion, ridiculous. I’m sure […]

WWYD videos

November 18, 2011


WWY if you came across these videos? If, like me, you have a soft spot for the old Second Conditional and its Presentation, Practice and Production (at this point unplugged teachers may like to desist from reading further), but are fed up of asking … “What would you do if you found a big hairy […]

Critical Marshmallow

September 26, 2011


Critical Marshmallow The Marshmallow Test is an experiment into self-control and deferred gratification. It involves leaving a young child alone in an empty room for 15 minutes with no other distraction than a solitary marshmallow. The child is promised that if they resist the temptation to eat the marshmallow, they will receive a second marshmallow, […]

Gadget Glogs

February 28, 2011


Gadget Glog Projects In this activity your students will use an application called Glogster to design an informative digital poster on an everyday object of their choice. The posters, called Glogs, are created by adding text, photos and video to a background canvas. Here is an quick example of what a finished poster might look […]

The Bystander Effect

November 29, 2010


The Bystander Effect Ever wondered how we are able to walk right past people who are in need of help and not stop to lend a hand? The following lesson is based around a video on research into the Bystander Effect, a theory which suggests that a person in need is less likely to receive […]

Lies, Damned Lies + Video

September 13, 2010


Lies, Damned Lies and … Video The theme of this lesson is lying and telling the truth. It consists of a predicting activity (video), conversation questions and three suggestions for speaking games. It is probably best suited to upper-intermediate and advanced students. NOTE : Depending on your teaching context, some of your students may find […]

Listening from writing

May 24, 2010


Creating listening tasks from writing tasks I got this idea after showing my students Sean Banville‘s (@SeanBanville) fantastic Breaking News English site, which contains a variety of language exercises based around short podcast listenings . Basically, I started thinking wouldn’t it be a good idea if students could turn their own written work into podcasts, […]