Tefltecher’s Yuletide (B)Log

Posted on December 20, 2011


Here are five Christmas activities I’ve used over the last few years! Nothing very original I’m afraid, but then again Christmas isn’t, is it? Feel free to take your pick!

1. Christmas greetings from Santa

Get your students to send each other personalised Christmas greetings direct from Santa. Here’s an example message. You’ll find the website here.

2. Christmas questions

Put your students in pairs or small groups and ask them to discuss the following questions.

3. Christmas definition game

Put your students in two teams and give oral definitions of the items in the Wordle below. Students identify the words. Award points for correct answers.

Christmas Wordle

4. Retelling Mr Bean

Bean is Back! Take advantage of a whole new generation that don’t have the faintest idea who Mr Bean was!

Put your students in pairs. Student A watches 00:00 – 03:38 and describes what happens to student B. Student B then watches 03:38 – 08:00 and explains to student A. Pre-teach any vocabulary you feel necessary e.g. mousetrap, turkey, stuffing, cracker etc.

5. Best Christmas song ever!

I make no apologies for this! George Michael is The Chosen One and your students should be informed even if their parents weren’t even a twinkle in their grandparents’ eyes in 1984! Gapped lyrics here (tell your students not to panic at the number of gaps in the chorus, they will hear it several times).

Merry Christmas! See u next year!