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Background In(ter)ference

June 12, 2013


Clipping Magic is a simple alternative to Photoshop for removing image backgrounds. You might find it useful for designing activities in which students have to speculate about what is going on in photographic images. Click through to the next slide below to see the background which has been erased from the following photo. . . Video […]

Conference Collages

April 25, 2013


On Saturday 8th June 2013, I’ll be giving a talk titled “Photo Opportunities (Using Student-generated Images)” at The Image Conference in Barcelona. The conference is being organised jointly by the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG and UAB Idiomes and will be the first ELT conference to deal exclusively with the use of film, video, image and […]

Sounds Awful

November 5, 2012


Here’s a few activities which might fit in with lessons on sounds, noise pollution, the senses or mobile phone etiquette. It includes conversation practice and an out-of-class activity which involves students making recordings with their mobile phones. Idea One : Video a) Show your students the still image from the beginning of the video below […]


October 23, 2012


I was just going to tweet the video below and leave it at that, but I had a few ideas while on the train to work so have decided to turn it into a post. The lesson deals with the topics of gadgets, advertising and sales, and provides opportunities to present and practice a variety […]

Roleplaying from home

June 11, 2012


SGI Guest Post (3) Here’s the third in a short series of guest posts I’m writing for St George International (SGI). Roleplaying from home Will keep you posted on future installments!

Photo Opportunities

April 30, 2012


SGI Guest Post (2) Here’s the second in a short series of guest posts I’m writing for St George International (SGI). Photo Opportunities Will keep you posted on future installments!

There’s a “mapp” for that!

April 12, 2012


SGI Guest Post (1) Just a quick post to let you know that over the coming weeks I’ll be writing a short series of guest posts for St George International (SGI). Here’s the first installment, which suggests a few ways of how to use on-line maps with your students. Will keep you posted on future […]

Add voice recording to your blog

March 22, 2012


Have you ever embedded a video in a blog and asked your students to leave a written comment? Ever thought, “it’d be great if they could leave recorded audio comments too”? If the answer to both these questions is yes, Speakpipe may be just what you’re looking for. By simply pasting a snippet of code […]

Tefltecher’s Yuletide (B)Log

December 20, 2011


Here are five Christmas activities I’ve used over the last few years! Nothing very original I’m afraid, but then again Christmas isn’t, is it? Feel free to take your pick! 1. Christmas greetings from Santa Get your students to send each other personalised Christmas greetings direct from Santa. Here’s an example message. You’ll find the […]

Set Up a Video Blog

December 4, 2011


How to set up a video resource blog In most staff rooms when a teacher comes across a video with teaching potential news gets around by word of mouth. This sort of sharing is of course jolly helpful, and benefits everyone … that is, everyone who happens to be in the right staff room at […]

From Ban to Box

October 21, 2011


Using the Box widget In a drive to reduce costs, the language centre where I work has recently introduced a ban on photocopying hand-outs for students. As a lot of the material I use in class are Word .docs of my own activities/exercises, at first this caused me more than a few sleepless nights. However, […]

Spot the Difference Photos

October 6, 2011


A Spot-The-Difference Tutorial Since publishing my last post (a response to Brad Patterson’s Compare and Contrast blog challenge) several people have contacted me asking me to explain how to create spot-the-difference photos for pairwork activities. Here’s a quick step-by step video tutorial on how to do it. Want to play around a bit more? If […]

Blog Challenge

September 28, 2011


Blog Challenge : Compare and Contrast Here’s my humble offering to Brad Patterson‘s (@brad5patterson) blog challenge Compare and Contrast. Most people seem to have chosen temporal themes to compare and contrast, however, not wishing to dwell too much on my 47 years upon this mortal coil (I know, I know … I look younger!), I […]

Two edtech projects that I like

June 22, 2011


Two edtech projects that I like Two of the uses of technology that have impressed me most over the last academic year have come from colleagues in the Spanish Department of my own institution: UAB Idiomes (the language service of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). UAB Idiomes provides language services on the main university campus […]

The Balance of PowerPoint

May 31, 2011


The Balance of PowerPoint This post suggests using an application called to make video recordings of students giving PowerPoint presentations (Step Three), see an example here. The lead-in conversation activity in Step One and the video in Step Two are designed to get students in the mood and encourage discussion as to what makes […]

Life is a Beach

March 31, 2011


Life is a beach Well, looks like the sun has got its hat on at last! Why not get your students in a summer mood with this beach lesson (includes compound nouns and vocabulary related to the seaside, conversation questions + writing a review of a beach)? Step One : Seaside compound nouns Go through […]

Pet Hates

March 15, 2011


Pet hates and grumpy old Vokis This lesson contains a roleplay, a short video and a conversation activity on things which tend to get on our nerves / drive us up the wall. As a follow-up homework activity, it suggests using Voki (see example below) to create an on-line speaking avatar of someone moaning about […]

Gadget Glogs

February 28, 2011


Gadget Glog Projects In this activity your students will use an application called Glogster to design an informative digital poster on an everyday object of their choice. The posters, called Glogs, are created by adding text, photos and video to a background canvas. Here is an quick example of what a finished poster might look […]


February 22, 2011


Edudebates This lesson revolves around a BBC video made by British school pupils. It also contains a conversation activity on issues in education and a voice recording task using an application called Voxopop. It is best-suited to upper-intermediate students. Step One (optional) : Lead-in and vocabulary Give a brief description of your secondary education. Slip […]

Animating Trips

January 21, 2011


Animate your trips with Tripline Why not get your students to create Indiana-Jones-style animated maps with Tripline. Click here to see an example, then have a look at the tutorial below which will take you through the main features of the application. Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo), on whose blog I first came across this […]