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Posted on January 21, 2011


Animate your trips with Tripline

Why not get your students to create Indiana-Jones-style animated maps with Tripline. Click here to see an example, then have a look at the tutorial below which will take you through the main features of the application. Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo), on whose blog I first came across this great tool.

From Barcelona to Ferrol

Tutorial : The Making of Tweeple Twip

Click on the links below to see a two part tutorial on how to create a Tripline.

You can see the finished Tweeple Twip Tripline embedded in a blog here (I use my Tefltecher 2 Blogger blog when I have problems embedding in WordPress).

Ideas for tasks

Here are a few tasks that you might like to do with your classes. Although students may like to create their own Triplines, bear in mind that the best and most unexpected results often come from groups creating collaborative Triplines. Just get them to share the same password and let them take it in turns to add places.

1. Trips and excursions
The most obvious activity is to make Triplines of trips, excursions or holidays.

2. Nightouts
Make a Tripline of a nightout in your town (e.g. meet in this bar, see a film, dinner in a restaurant, go clubbing etc)

3. Cruises
Create a tripline of a cruise holiday stopping at different ports and coastal cities.

4. Famous adventurers and travellers
Research a famous traveller and map out their adventures on Tripline.

5. Package holidays and guided tours
Organise the route of a package holiday or guided tour.

6. My city / City tours
Make a Tripline of the main sights in your city.

7. Grammar Triplines
Make a Superlative Tripline (this is the longest river, this is the highest mountain etc) or a Passive Tripline (coffee is grown here, coal is mined here etc).

8. Thematic Triplines
Culinary Triplines (British food, the Mediterranean diet, Indian food etc), Festivals and traditions, Music etc

If you have any more ideas, please send them in and I’ll add them to the list!

Hope you enjoy this activity!

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