Life is a Beach

Posted on March 31, 2011


Life is a beach

Well, looks like the sun has got its hat on at last! Why not get your students in a summer mood with this beach lesson (includes compound nouns and vocabulary related to the seaside, conversation questions + writing a review of a beach)?

Step One : Seaside compound nouns

  • Go through the grammar of compound nouns with your students. I usually point out the difference between horse race (type of race) and racehorse (type of horse), focusing on the adjectival function of the first noun.
  • Show your students the Wordle below and ask them to make as many compound nouns as they can. Note : Tell them that the modifying nouns (i.e. the first nouns) in the Wordle begin with capital letters.

Seaside compound nouns

  • Optional Wordle : Before doing the speaking activity in Step Two I usually feed in some more vocabulary connected with the beach. Here’s another Wordle you might like to use.

Beach vocabulary

Step Two : Conversation

  • Ask your students to discuss the following questions in pairs or small groups.

Step Three : Write a review of a beach

  • As a follow-up activity ask your students to write a review of a beach on a web page called Beachionary.
  • Watch this quick tutorial and then have a look at an example review.
  • Here are some things your students could mention in their review: description of beach, facilities, sports and other activities, suitability for different types of people, quality and temperature of water, type of sand, how crowded, why it is special to them etc


Hope you enjoy this lesson!

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