Leaving Home

March 5, 2010


Video 03 : Leaving Home Working at a university language service, this is one of the topics which never fails to provoke strong reactions from my students, most of whom still live at home with their parents. That difficult once-in-a-lifetime decision of when and how to fly the nest is a topic of universal interest. […]

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Talking photographs

March 1, 2010


Talking Photos : Fotobabble and Wallwisher This task involves students adding a recorded commentary to a photo using a web service called Fotobabble. Fotobabble is not the only application which allows you to add sound to a photo, but it’s probably the quickest and most user-friendly that I have seen so far. Of course, if […]

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You can’t be my teacher!

February 28, 2010


You can’t be my teacher! After watching this video … … these were my reactions. My first reaction What a cheeky little boy! I’m not sure I would want this child in my class. I’m 45 years of age. Why am I being shouted at by a nine-year old? My second reaction “That’s your job! […]

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Don’t Fear the Reaper!

February 15, 2010


Edtech Death : Don’t Fear the Reaper! I was a 14 year-old skateboarding punk when I saw one for the first time. I think it was a Thursday morning in the late 70’s and my monthly copy of Skateboard magazine had just dropped onto the doormat. On the front cover was written the grim slogan […]

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Love Dilemnas

February 10, 2010


Video 02 : Love Dilemnas This post might have arrived a little late to use for this year’s Saint Valentine’s Day. Never mind! Keep it in mind for next year, or try and fit it into your course when the topic of love and relationships next crops up.  The lesson is based around a beautifully-shot […]

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Small Pleasures

February 2, 2010


Video 01 : Small Pleasures As soon as I saw this video I knew it had teaching potential, which is strange really because it’s in Greek – with subtitles in English I hasten to add. After much mulling, what I eventually came up with was more of a lesson than a single task – and […]

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Tefltecher launched 02/02/2010)

February 1, 2010


Thanks for dropping by! Blog launched 02/02/2010 The basic idea of this blog is to provide teachers and students with practical ideas for web-based language activities. These will be based either around a web application or a video, and will generally be aimed at intermediate to advanced levels of English. There are three categories; App […]

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Don’t ask me! Ask the world!

January 28, 2010


Task 01 : Don’t ask me! Ask the world! In this task the student uses an on-line polling service called Ask500people to gather information on a question of their choice. They then use the data collected to write a report on their findings. Questions have a multiple choice format and people who vote are also […]

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