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Our House

January 19, 2011


Our house, in the middle of our street This lesson is about homes and streets: Take your students for a walk down your street and get them speaking about where they live. Follow up with a little Madness, then suggest they make a video and upload it to the world. In other words, a bit […]

Look Like Landscapes

December 14, 2010


Look Like Landscapes This lesson makes use of a random Google Street View creator called Mapcrunch. Clicking on Go! will teleport you to randomly selected images of different places all over the world. The application allows you to hide the name of the location selected, so offers a good opportunity to focus on the language […]

Google Doc for Voc

December 9, 2010


A Google Doc for Emergent Voc Using spreadsheets to keep a record of vocabulary Although most students use notebooks it’s also a nice idea to get groups of students to keep a collaborative record of the vocabulary and expressions which emerge during classroom activities. Last year, I set up and taught my students how to manage […]

Daily Diary

September 21, 2010


Daily Diary This activity is aimed at motivated students who understand the importance of learner autonomy. They may be few and far between (not sure if I’m being pessimistic or realistic here), but I think we should try and do what we can to feed their enthusiasm and reward their effort. The challenge is simple: […]

Random Text Generator

September 16, 2010


How to Make a Random Text Generator As I promised Andrew Pickles (@efl101) this morning, here’s a quick post to explain how to make a simple random text generator. Click on the graphic below to see an example and get an idea of how it works. To randomize the text, click on the page Refresh […]

First Class Idea

September 6, 2010


First Class Idea Getting your students talking about pedagogy! Over the last couple of weeks there have been some great posts on first lesson activities doing the rounds of the TEFL blogosphere, so I thought it only fair to chip in with one of my own. First classes typically include opportunities for students to get […]

In the News (Part 2)

June 27, 2010


In the News (Part 2) This is the follow-up to In the News (Part 1), which focused on TV/Video news. This second post will look at written news from on-line newspapers and media channels. The first part of the post consists of 3 video tutorials which will show you how to use an application called […]

Listening from writing

May 24, 2010


Creating listening tasks from writing tasks I got this idea after showing my students Sean Banville‘s (@SeanBanville) fantastic Breaking News English site, which contains a variety of language exercises based around short podcast listenings . Basically, I started thinking wouldn’t it be a good idea if students could turn their own written work into podcasts, […]

Trying out Polldaddy

May 17, 2010


Kanellos vs Tinkerbell (Polldaddy poll) Who would you choose to be your “best friend”? Please register your vote NOW! Can’t make your mind up? Check out the links below for more information on our two canine contenders! For further information about Greek riot-dog Kanellos (also known as Lukanikos) click here. For further information about Paris […]

Exploiting Famous Photos

May 12, 2010


Exploiting Famous Photos Most students love showing each other photos they’ve taken, but now and again it’s also a nice idea to base a lesson around photos which have entered our collective memory and become “classics”. You know the ones I mean! Photos that have become famous because they capture a particular historical moment or […]


April 29, 2010


Speechbreaker (Election Special 2010) Speechbreaker appeared last year so it’s more than likely you’ve seen it already. Having said that, it might be worth paying it a revisit as things starts hotting up for next week’s general elections in the UK. The application offers you jumbled-up versions of words from political speeches and allows you […]

In the News (Part 1)

March 24, 2010


In the News (Part 1) This is part one of a two-part blog post on the news. This part focuses on television/internet news and consists of a video listening activity, conversation questions and a final speaking activity which requires your students to record a short news bulletin. Part 2 will be dedicated to newspaper journalism. […]

Talking photographs

March 1, 2010


Talking Photos : Fotobabble and Wallwisher This task involves students adding a recorded commentary to a photo using a web service called Fotobabble. Fotobabble is not the only application which allows you to add sound to a photo, but it’s probably the quickest and most user-friendly that I have seen so far. Of course, if […]

Don’t ask me! Ask the world!

January 28, 2010


Task 01 : Don’t ask me! Ask the world! In this task the student uses an on-line polling service called Ask500people to gather information on a question of their choice. They then use the data collected to write a report on their findings. Questions have a multiple choice format and people who vote are also […]