Background In(ter)ference

Posted on June 12, 2013


Clipping Magic is a simple alternative to Photoshop for removing image backgrounds. You might find it useful for designing activities in which students have to speculate about what is going on in photographic images. Click through to the next slide below to see the background which has been erased from the following photo.

Video tutorial

Here’s a quick video tutorial which explains how to use this tool.

Lesson ideas

a) Project a “clipped magic” image on the screen and ask your students to speculate as to what is going on in the background. Use the 5Ws (who? where? why? what? when?) as prompts.

b) If there’s more than one person in the image (e.g. in the Slideshare photo above), ask your students to roleplay the situation.

c) Ask your students to write dialogues between the people who apppear in an image.

d) Do a more general conversation activity on the subject of the photo. Feel free to use the following questions with the above “airport” photo.

  1. What do you normally do when you’re waiting for your flight to be announced at an airport?
  2. How early before your flight do you normally turn up at the airport?
  3. Are you afraid or nervous about flying?
  4. In which part of the plane do you prefer to sit? Do you prefer window seats or aisle seats?
  5. What do you normally do during a flight?
  6. How many times have you flown / travelled by air? Talk about some of your flights, e.g. the longest or shortest.
  7. What is your experience of buying plane tickets on the internet?
  8. Do you listen to the safety instructions at the beginning of the flight?
  9. Talk about the worst flight you’ve ever been on, maybe because of a bumpy flight (turbulence), a delay or because of a boring passenger sitting next to you.
  10. Do you ever ask the flight attendant for something to eat or drink?
  11. Have you ever missed a flight?
  12. Have you ever had a bad experience going through customs? For example, have they ever searched your luggage or asked you difficult questions?
  13. What do you have to do before going through the metal detector at security? Do you think security checks at airports at too tight?
  14. Have you ever picked somebody up or seen somebody off at an airport?

e) And last but not least, undo the manipulative use of Photoshop by the president of the Turkish Republic.

Hope you find these ideas useful!

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