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Posted on September 28, 2011


Blog Challenge : Compare and Contrast

Here’s my humble offering to Brad Patterson‘s (@brad5patterson) blog challenge Compare and Contrast. Most people seem to have chosen temporal themes to compare and contrast, however, not wishing to dwell too much on my 47 years upon this mortal coil (I know, I know … I look younger!), I have opted for something a touch more spatial. With no further ado … Tally-Ho!

Spot the 10 differences between these two photos!

Click on the photos to get the big picture!

If you’re interested in creating your own spot the difference photo pairs, you’ll need a camera, a tripod (or a friend with a steady hand) and a decent photo editor, like Photoshop. If you’d like more details, leave a comment below or DM me on Twitter (@ij64)!

Hope you enjoy this post!

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