Google Doc for Voc

Posted on December 9, 2010


A Google Doc for Emergent Voc

Using spreadsheets to keep a record of vocabulary

Google Doc for Emergent Voc

Although most students use notebooks it’s also a nice idea to get groups of students to keep a collaborative record of the vocabulary and expressions which emerge during classroom activities.

Last year, I set up and taught my students how to manage a vocabulary blog. None of them had had any experience of blogging before, so inevitably I had to invest a little time in sorting out problems, repeating instructions and repairing little accidents. Although it worked pretty well for the rest of the course, this year I’ve tried to make things quicker and simpler (fewer steps and fewer clicks) by using Google Doc spreadsheets. If you fancy trying it out yourself, here’s a quick video on what to do. You can download a sample spreadsheet here.

Hope you find this idea useful!

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