It’s worth taking a look at this blog!

Posted on May 15, 2010


It’s worth taking a look at this blog!

Now then, now then, now then! Goodness gracious, guys and gals!

My thanks to the following people 4 tagging me

  • Shelly Terrell (Teacher Reboot Camp | @shellterrell) : Shelly is the antidote to my ingrained cynicism and tendency to look on the dark side of things. Her positivity, optimism and sheer energy cheer me up when I’m grumping down.
  • Diarmuid Fogarty (Tao Te(a)Ching | @dfogarty) : Anarcho-Taoist who attempts to bridge the East-West divide with a highly-original jin-jang of calm esoterical ambiguity and no-nonsense f**k-you directness. Pythonesque and surreal at times, Tao Te(a)Ching is a unique and ineffable reading experience! Having said that, we hardly ever see eye to eye on anything, in fact I believe Diarmuid may have inadvertently strayed from the true Path, which is of course mine! I have done my best to convince him that he will grow out of his flirtation with Lao and return to the Catholic fold, but he won’t have any of it! … and the truth be told I hope he never will! ;-)
  • Miguel Mendoza (The VE Blog | @mike08) : ESP lecturer at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Miguel also works as an ICT consultant and e-moderator for the British Council in Venezuela. Informative blogger, one of the best resource sharers on Twitter and absolutely essential  if you want to keep up to date on Chavez’s latest locuras!

Here are my suggestions (in no particular order)

  • Sara Hannam’s Critical Mass : A thought-provoking and highly-intelligent blogger. I rarely agree with what Sara writes – which she knows – but as Michel de Montaigne (for some the father of modern skepticism) said “There is no conversation more boring than the one in which everyone agrees”. Sara holds strong convictions, but at the same time is refreshingly open-minded and more than willing to engage in debate. Both her posts and the subsequent comments are of the most interesting I have come across in our little corner of the internet! As a novice blogger/tweeter – and this she doesn’t know – I would also like to thank her for making me think a bit more carefully about blogger/twitter etiquette. I’ve yet to get the balance right, but I think I’m getting there, albeit slowly. En resumen, this blog (like the Venerable Fogarty’s) is good for your ‘ed!
  • Karenne Sylvester’s Kalinago English : Karenne is many things rolled into one: thought-provoker, resource-sharer, debate-initiator and – if there is any justice in this world – future poet laureate to Her Majesty the Queen. On a more personal level I will never forget her encouragement and advice when I launched Tefltecher. I remember tentatively tweeting a question on how many times I should plug a new blog post and then getting about 10 DMs from Karenne giving me advice on this and other ways of getting more blog traffic.
  • Jamie Keddie’s Blog : I think I’ve always been more of a “visual” person than a “wordy” person. I respond to and express myself much better through images than words. This being the case, I couldn’t leave Jamie Keddie off the list. For the aesthetically minded!
  • Gavin Dudeney’s That’SLife : Sorry, wrong link! Here ’tis again! Gavin Dudeney’s That’SLife : Most things on the internet are in a permanent state of beta. Mr Dudeney remains alpha. I owe him a drink too, so I’d better be nice to him!
  • Marxist Tefl Group Blog : An inspired parody of 80’s/90’s post-modernist gobbledegook. Intellectual obscurantism at its most unintelligible, and a brilliantly executed example of the Sokalist principle (the harder a text is to read, the more intellectual validity it appears to have). I have no idea who the Masked Marxist is, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s someone connected with the Plain English Campaign. Ever vigilant, the MTG leaves no stone unturned or sub-text unrevealed in its efforts to track down and condemn racism, fascism and sexism wherever they aren’t! Absolutely hilarious! For the nostalgic! ;-)
  • Martin Weller’s The Ed Techie : Martin Weller (Professor of Edtech at the OU) along with Steve Wheeler, James Clay and Josie Fraser keep me up to date on what’s going on in the UK university edtech scene. Martin also happens to live in my beloved Cardiff and often tweets about day-trips to old stomping grounds like the Brecon Beacons or Ogmore. This tends to cause me acute homesickness, until of course I remember the rain factor, which is the main reason I was forced into exile.
  • Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog : Ozge saves me a lot of time. She is the latest-application-discoverer par excellence. I now go straight to her site to check out the latest tech-teach toys, rather than spend hours and hours wading through dozens of feeds from lesser blogs which don’t share her instinct or criteria.
  • Alexandra Francisco’s Zarco English Tool of the Day : Ditto for Alexandra, another great resource-discoverer and sharer.
  • Ken Wilson’s Blog : Apart from writing entertaining posts and being guapo, Ken also has a shed. I have always wanted a shed. My Nan used to have an Andersen WWII air-raid shelter in the back garden, but it didn’t have Wifi and it didn’t really have that shed feel to it. Ken has a proper shed, and he sometimes blogs from his shed. I think Ken has found the key to happiness and peace of mind: blogging from a shed! (I shall be suggesting the Tao of Sheds to Diarmuid)
  • Russell Stannard’s Teacher Training Videos : In fact, it’s probably a website rather than a blog but I don’t really care. Couldn’t finish up without giving Russell a mention.

It’s worth taking a pinch of salt at these rules

If you are tagged by somebody as part of the project (BTW, who started this?), here’s what you should do next:

  1. Insert the picture above into your blog with a link back to the blog that nominated you.
  2. Compile a list of ten blogs you feel are worth reading. Apparently, you cannot include the people who tagged you.
  3. Tell the bloggers you have nominated that you have tagged them.
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