UAB Idiomes Web 2.0 Conference

Posted on May 9, 2010


UAB Idiomes Web 2.0 Conference
Jornada Didàctica Aplicacions Pedagògiques del web 2.0

Last Friday (7th May 2010), the Jornada Didàctica Aplicacions Pedagògiques del web 2.0 was held at UAB Idiomes in Barcelona. After listening to Nicky Hockly and Jamie Keddie‘s fantastic presentations, it was was my turn to give a talk titled Ideas for your Ning Thing.

After going through the main functional elements of Ning, I rushed through (only had 30-minute slot) 19 applications that  teachers might like to use to set their students engaging language tasks. In your Ning, these applications can be either embedded or linked to.  There were no handouts available, so as promised here are the links to these third party applications.

Note : As I said at the the beginning of the talk, I highly recommend paying a visit to Russell Stannard‘s Teacher Training Videos website, where you will find dozens of video tutorials on some of the most useful web 2.0 applications for teachers, some of which appear in the list below.

Alternatives to Ning

Here are some interesting blog posts listing free alternatives to Ning, if that is you are not willing to pay the approximately 15 euro-a-year charge for a basic Ning network.

There is also talk of Ning remaining free for educators. What this means exactly is not very clear, but keep your eyes, ears and RSS feeds open! I’ll let you know if I hear of any more details on this.

Although it won’t mean much to people who weren’t there, here’s the ppt that accompanied the talk.

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