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Posted on March 23, 2010


Video 04 : Homeopathy + Alternative Medicine

This lesson consists of a debate, a video and follow-up conversation questions. It is aimed at Upper Intermediate and Advanced students. You may like to introduce the topic of alternative medicine by asking your students if they have heard about the UK Parliament’s recent report on homeopathy.

Step One : Debate on homeopathy

It’s probably best to set up the debate during the previous class by putting your students in two groups (pros and cons) and asking them to research the arguments in favour and against homepathy for homework. Here are some useful web pages, but obviously encourage them to do their own research.

On the day of the debate, put your students in groups of four (2 in favour, 2 against) and let them thrash it out.

Step Two : The video

Show your students the video below and ask them whether the two experts mentioned the same arguments as they did during their debates. You could then show it again and ask them to take notes on any further arguments that they used to support their views. You might like to focus on vocabulary (e.g. to withdraw funding, to dilute, like cures like etc) before or after showing the video.

Note : The BBC doesn’t seem to allow embedding of its videos, so here’s the link.

MPs recommend NHS stop spending on homeopathy

Step Three : Speaking practice

The idea of this activity is to give your students the opportunity to give their own opinions on alternative medicine. They may end up repeating or paraphrasing (which is good) some of the arguments that they used during the debate, so it is a good idea to organise them in different groups (or pairs). Give out the worksheet below and ask them to go through the questions.

Further videos

If your students are interested, here are some more links to videos on the subject of alternative medicine.

Hope you find the lesson useful!

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