You can’t be my teacher!

Posted on February 28, 2010


You can’t be my teacher!

After watching this video …

… these were my reactions.

My first reaction
What a cheeky little boy! I’m not sure I would want this child in my class. I’m 45 years of age. Why am I being shouted at by a nine-year old?

My second reaction
“That’s your job! That’s your job! (echo)”
I have 20 years’ teaching experience. Why is a child telling me how to do my job?

My third reaction
“Do you know how to use a computer?” | “Do computers scare you?” | “I’m a digital native!”
Oh, no! Not the digital native line again. Yes, I do know how to use a computer. In fact, I might even dare to say that I know more about them than you do. And no, computers do not particularly scare me. I get scared when I am forced to stand on the edge of a high cliff or when dogs bark at me.

My fourth reaction
“I said you can’t be my teacher!” | “Make room for somebody who knows how to use the internet!

I have 20 hours of class a week, I do marking at the weekend, I attend meetings and have regular tutorials with my students. I also do my best to incorporate new technologies into my teaching, although I admit that I often don’t have time or energy and am not paid for the extra work that this entails. I’m sorry if you feel this is not good enough for you. I have obviously failed both you and your generation. I will hand in my resignation on Monday morning and look for a job stacking shelves.

My fifth reaction
“Do you think I’m going to be ready … for the world that I have to live in?”
No! If you carry on shouting at people like this you’re not going to be ready. Forget the internet for a while and learn how to treat people – dare I say your elders – with a bit of respect.  It will serve you well in the adult world that awaits you.

My sixth reaction
Judging by the last scene, this child probably spends too much time on the internet. I suggest he goes out and kicks a ball around with his friends more often.

My seventh reaction
Of course it’s important for teachers to make use of the fantastic educational opportunities that the internet offers. However, threatening them in this way is the wrong way to go about it. Most teachers need to be encouraged and given adequate training, not to be humiliated or made to feel guilty by their pupils.

My eighth and last reaction
Daddy obviously put you up to this! I’m sure you’re a lovely, well-mannered child and I wish you all the best in the future! If he ever asks you to climb inside a large homemade balloon, refuse!

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